Your heroine loves October and all of the festivities that go along with Spooky Season! Every year she throws a costume party on Halloween. This year, she decides to rent out an old asylum. It’s been boarded up and there are areas where no one is allowed to go, but for the most part the building is hers to decorate and host her party. Your heroine has literally invited hundreds of people. The party is going well and everyone is having fun but weird things are starting to happen.

What happens?

For example, maybe your heroine has generators hooked up to power the lights and sound equipment but the generators all go out at once. Maybe they start hearing screaming coming from a room that is in an off limits area. They go to investigate the room and…what do they find? Is someone playing jokes or is something more sinister happening? Who offers moral support to your heroine and how does this moral support turn into romantic interest? Was there already a romantic interest?

This is the perfect story starter to embrace spooky season. It could be a fantastic LGBTQ+ romance. It could be a historical romance as well, because spooky stuff has always around even a hundred, or more, years ago.

Happy writing!