I’m putting the final touches on a new story starter package. It will be available on the 15th and it’ll be free.

Here’s a little snippet of what to expect.

Visual Romance Story Starter


The photo is your story starter.

Who is the woman in the photo? Is she your heroine or is she a friend or relative?

Why is she wearing a wedding dress? What happened to bring her to the side of the road with her thumb out and her suitcases stacked beside her?

And best of all….

…what happens next?

The Big What If…

What if she’s your heroine’s crazy cousin? She’s taken off in the middle of her wedding. Your heroine and the cousin’s fiancee head out to find her. And what if…your heroine starts having feelings for her cousin’s fiancee?

This could be a romantic comedy. It could be a suspense too. The bride might be in trouble and your heroine and hero get into dangerous and sticky situations trying to save the runaway bride.

So much fun and so many possibilities!

Play the what if game and see where this photo and your imagination lead you.