I watched John Carpenter’s The Thing again the other night. I love that movie! Such a great sense of tension and paranoia. Though with a movie full of men it doesn’t leave much room for romantic entanglements or plot drivers.

So I started thinking…what would a woman do if she were in that situation? She’d undoubtedly handle it better than most of the men. Except MacReady, he rocks and of course is totally gorgeous. Kurt Russell is always so fun to watch.

Today’s Romance Story Starter

Your heroine’s a scientist for the government. She’s just arrived on an uninhabited planet to spend a year researching potential life forms. She discovers something that both terrifies her and has the potential to change the world. But before she can study it, it attacks her camp.There’s only one man she can trust.

Who is he? What happens? Why is he the only man she can trust?

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