bigstock_Hourglass_1535114Your heroine is at death’s door. She can feel her life slipping away. As she fades, she gets a glimpse of what her future might be. This vision motivates her to fight back just a little bit harder. It’s enough. She lives but she’s not the same person she was. She knows her future and she’s…

What is she? Is she…

  • Determined to change it?
  • Excited to experience it?

You decide what she sees as she’s dying and what vision gives her the extra oomph to fight for her life. Why does she live and what happens?

(Presumably, if you’re writing a romance story, then there is a love interest somewhere in the mix here. Maybe it’s the doctor who watches her miraculous recovery only to be faced with the obstacle of her determination to change her future. Or maybe her vision is the man she’s going to spend her life with and she has to find him. Or maybe it’s something completely different that you create in your own wonderful imagination.)

Have fun and happy writing!