The Powerball Lottery is/was (I haven’t checked to see if anyone won) up to 168 million dollars. The idea of that much money is difficult for me to wrap my brain around and I wonder how it might change a person.

Your story starter centers around your heroine. She finds a dead body. While checking for their identification she finds a lottery ticket and having just checked her own losing ticket, she notices they have a few of the winning numbers.

She snags the ticket.

When she gets home she realizes that it’s the winning ticket for the big jackpot. What does she do? How does this win, and her stealing the ticket, affect her?

For example, does she hunt down the family of the dead person and connect with them? Does she fall in love with the dead man’s, or woman’s, son? Does she have an extremely guilty conscious and go crazy? What happens?

I’m a romantic at heart, of course, so I imagine her falling for the dead man’s son and dealing with the dilemma of whether or not she should tell him but also wondering if he loves her because she’s rich or because he really loves her. Lots of potential conflicts here!