charlie tongueYour heroine is in a new neighborhood. She’s walking her dog. Her dog smells something and takes her on a wild run. The dog stops. What does it find and what happens next?

This starter was inspired by a walk I took with my pug, Charlie, this morning. He went a little nuts and tugged me to the side of a small creek. It was overgrown with weeds and shrubs and all I kept thinking was, “I’m going to find a body. Please don’t let me find a body.”

Of course I didn’t find a body and I’m grateful for that, and for my vivid albeit gruesome imagination.

Your story starter doesn’t need to have anything to do with a body. Your heroine could find another puppy. She could find a mysterious object from the future or a handsome man that’s injured. So many possibilities!

So, what kind of dog is your heroine walking? Where does she live and why did she move there? What does she find and what happens when she finds it?

Happy writing!