David Oliver


There are many reasons why we love to watch the Olympics. We love the

  • competition

    Clemente Russo

  • patriotism
  • drama
  • celebration
  • sexy shirtless men? You betcha!

In honor of this fantastic international competition and all of the beautiful athletes that we love to watch so much, this week’s romance story starter is dedicated to them.

James Magnussen

Your Romance Story Starter

Your heroine is working in a pub in London. She’s had a downright awful day dealing with tourists and her disastrous personal life.

She’s just about ready to flip over the “closed” sign and a man walks in.  She opens her mouth to tell him they’re, closed then quickly changes her mind when she sees him.

Who is he?

Why does she allow him to stay and why is he out in the middle of the night?

What’s up with her disastrous personal life?

What happens?