Oh my goodness, there are so many fun images for the theme of today’s story starter that had a difficult time deciding.  I decided to keep it clean because while you may write erotic romance, that’s just one genre of many fabulous genres. So while today’s image is that of an old time cowgirl, that doesn’t mean today’s story starter has to be a western, unless you write western romances.



So let’s get right down to it….

Your heroine got fet up/burnt out and just plain over it and took some time away from her life. While she was away, life changed. When she “gets back in the saddle” and tries to resume her old life, she can’t. Why? What’s changed? What happened while she was away? And why did she leave in the first place? What was her motivation?

For example, maybe she left because she broke up with her boyfriend and it was the last straw in her very stressful life. She has a fling on her hiatus, returns to her life to find her ex married to her best friend and suddenly her fling shows up and he’s her new boss. Talk about the potential for conflict!

Have fun and happy writing!