bigstock-Young-couple-dating-at-the-res-29287802Your heroine is on a blind date. She steps into the restaurant where they’re supposed to meet and sees a handsome man sitting alone.

She waves, he waves. He’s wearing a blue shirt like her date said he’d be wearing.

She heads over to the table, says hello and thanks her lucky stars that her date is attractive. She orders a glass of wine and proceeds to flirt like there’s no tomorrow.

A woman approaches the table about the same time your heroine gets a text. The text is from her real blind date and he’s wondering where she is. The woman who just approached the table is ticked because your heroine is flirting with her date. Oops! ¬†Your heroine sat down at the wrong table. The amazing man she’s been flirting with is not her blind date.

Now what?

What happens? Does your date excuse herself and flee in embarrassment? Does she slip her new acquaintance her phone number?

Does she find the man she’s supposed to have a date with and continue on with the evening? And what does the man she was just flirting with do? Why did he go along with it and not tell her she had the wrong man?

You decide.

Have fun & Happy writing!