A toe tag on a toe of a dead body

A toe tag on a toe of a dead body (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Your heroine moves into her grandparents old house to care for her aging grandmother and fix the place up. She’s digging a garden in the back yard and finds a dead body.

The Sheriff, single and good looking of course, thinks your heroine is up to no good. The body is too fresh and the timing is off.

Who does the body belong to?

How did it get into the back yard.

What, if anything, is your heroine hiding? For example, maybe she suspects her grandmother killed someone and doesn’t want her to go to jail so she’s lying to the sheriff. Or maybe she’s simply awkward around men she’s attracted to and her awkwardness makes her look suspicious.

You decide and have fun with it. Halloween is just around the corner and it’s the perfect time for dead bodies and murder mysteries!

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