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There’s nothing better for clarity about life, love, and happiness than death.

That universal equalizer brings every priority right up front.

It’s not necessarily the fear of death I think that brings clarity but rather the realization that the end is (or might be) near.

It’s the “what have I done with my life?” question that suddenly requires an answer.

Today’s Story Starter

Your hero or heroine is facing this dilemma. They’re about to go into battle or put themselves in danger. You decide who is putting themselves in danger and why. Maybe your hero is going to rescue his girlfriend’s daughter from the mob or from bad ranchers.

Maybe your heroine is going to do battle with a demon. this story starter lends room for any genre. Maybe they’re heading into the jungle in search of an elusive plant and remedy to save someone they love. Have fun with it.

Start your story with, “You’re afraid I am going to die tonight?”


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