Happy Halloween!

Well, almost Halloween. It’s an imaginative time of year when adults take advantage of the opportunity to express their creative side and dress up. Children of course never need an excuse – in fact, my little ones used to dress up as all sorts of things and go to school. Now in high school and junior high, the still do sometimes dress up.

Last week my 15 year old dressed like a ninja and attended a scavenger hunt in Boulder. Kinda weird, but I do envy her sense of freedom. I’d feel like dork running around Boulder dressed like a ninja, though no one would probably notice, Boulder is weird like that.

At any rate..,

I have had witches on the brain lately.

I’ve been thinking about creating a series about witches once I’ve completed my Spirit Savers series. We’ll see. In the meantime, I scoured the internet looking for a witch photo that was both creepy and sexy.

What do you think? Does this image evoke any story ideas for you?

How about this…why is she chained up and what, or who, is she shackled to?

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