Okay, a hot air balloon just landed in my back yard. Seriously. So I just had to use it as a story starter!

Your heroine is taking a hot air balloon ride. It was a gift from her grandmother. She really had no desire to go up in a balloon but her grandmother thought it would be exciting.

It is exciting all right. The balloon navigator is incredibly attractive and your heroine finds out she’s terrified of heights. She tries to put on a brave front but something happens.


There are so many ways to take this. You could get all “Wizard of Oz” with it and they could travel over a rainbow. You could make it a contemporary romance. The balloon navigator could be in hiding from some goons and they discover where he is. The balloon lands and they’re both taken hostage. So much fun!

Enjoy your Sunday and Happy Writing!

I’m going to go watch that balloon deflate. I wonder how cold it is in the air. It’s about 40 degrees on the ground. Brrr!