There’s a beautiful, somewhat melancholy song by Neko Case called, “I Wish I Was the Moon.”

Here are some of they lyrics:

“How will you know if you found me at last
‘Cause I’ll be the one, be the one, be the one
With my heart in my lap
I’m so tired, I’m so tired
And I wish I was the moon tonight.”

Start your story from your hero’s perspective perhaps. What has happened to him to bring him to this lonely place? What choices has he made that have resulted in weariness and loneliness?

Now, whom does he meet that brings the sunshine back into his life and how does she do it?

My take: I envision a cowboy who has lived a rough and hard life and is bone weary. I picture him staring up at the sky and feeling like he’s the only person left. Not too far away a woman stands on her porch looking at the same moon and longing for something, maybe freedom or maybe change or passion.

You get to take it from there and note that it doesn’t have to be a western by any means. These emotions and sentiments are pure emotions and can happen in the future, by a vampire or anywhere around the world during any time period.

Happy Writing!