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Your heroine gave up her dreams to marry and become the wife of a rancher. She never expected their marriage to end in tragedy leaving her a widow and the unwelcome owner of a huge ranch.

When a company offers her millions for her ranch, she must decide if she’s ready to say goodbye to her husband’s dreams and start living her own again.

This could be the beginning of a wonderful contemporary romance. It also sets the stage for a good western romance – imagine the community rallying around her to help her keep the ranch and a hunky ranch hand that helps her realize her future is here on the land that she inherited. Or the sexy lawyer that helps her negotiate a deal that is a win/win for the entire town and helps fulfill her husband’s dying wishes – awww!

There’s also plenty of room for suspense. Water rights, oil rights, and valuable land are all great motives for foul play!

Have fun and happy writing!