Hubby and I went for a long ski in the mountains the other day. This is Mt Audubon in the Brainard Lake Area in Colorado. As we were hiking out we came across a fit man. I stopped to talk to him (he had interesting skis on) and he told us he was heading to a cabin in the park where he was meeting friends, most of whom worked for the National Park Service. One of his friends was turning 40 and they were skiing and snowboarding in the mountains there for they guy’s birthday.

Sounds like fun, right? Then I imagined what it would be like to be a woman out for a day of skiing who runs into trouble. She finds the cabin and stumbles into a room full of outdoorsy, and rugged, men.

So that’s where this story starter begins…

Your heroine is dodging a terrible snowstorm. She finds the cabin and decides to take shelter there until the storm passes. She finds herself amidst a man’s weekend. What happens next? Are they happy to see her? Disgruntled? Does she feel threatened? If you write erotic romance this is certainly fodder for a kinky scene or two.