So I turned 41 a few days ago. Was a pretty uneventful birthday milestone. In truth, I didn’t really care. I did spend the day having fun but turning another year older meant nothing.

That hasn’t always been the case. Turning 29 was extremely difficult for me. I have no idea why – one year closer to 30 I guess. At any rate, everyone has a milestone birthday that sends them for a loop. It makes them anxious and they misbehave in any number of ways. (I actually made a bucket list at 29. How silly is that!)

So with today’s story starter, consider this….

Your heroine is having a milestone birthday and decides to do something crazy. What does she do? Who does she meet along the way and how does her milestone birthday affect their interaction?

For example, maybe your heroine is turning 29 and she’s neurotic about it. There are so many things she hasn’t done yet and she’s almost 30! She decides to pack up her life and move.

Maybe along the way she stops in a biker bar or runs out of gas and meets an attractive someone. Her “I have to live now because life is short” mentality causes her to throw caution to the wind and hook up.

Or maybe she has a new and very sexy neighbor and he notices that she’s out every night and she’s daring and adventurous. Little does he know that’s not the real her.

There are so many places you could take this story. Have fun with it!