Happy Mother’s Day!

Hopefully, you have some time to write today. I don’t, I have two finals tomorrow and they’re freaking me out. But I have two weeks off once those finals are over and I’m taking time each day to make progress on the final polishes of Cheating Time.

I’m also going to be working on a writing workshop about boosting your writing confidence – look for lots of new worksheets and useful confidence boosting tools!

In the meantime, if you find you’re struggling with confidence or just can’t get past some of your fears (and we all experience this, you’re not alone!) download the free confidence report. I’ve received some fantastic feedback about the report and am so glad it’s helping aspiring writers find the confidence they need to tell their story!

Onto today’s story starter…

In honor of Mother’s Day this one deals with the unexpected surprises moms sometimes have in store for us.

Your heroine has agreed to let her mom move in with her. Her mom brings an unexpected surprise along with her – hint: he’s sexy.

Why is your heroine’s mom moving in? How does your heroine feel about it? And how is the handsome and sexy stranger?

Maybe your heroine’s mom owns a business and the business is going under so she sells her home to save it and the handsome stranger is her new employee – the genius that’s going to save the business and win your heroine’s heart.

Have fun on this beautiful day and happy writing!