mountainIt’s Sunday and it’s the first big mountain stage in the Tour de France. I’ve been watching cycling since I dated a competitive cyclist in college. It’s quite to watch and they have amazing legs! They also tend to be a special breed of human – very detailed, driven, and a bit particular.

So this morning as I’m watching those fabulous legs climb Mont Ventoux, I was inspired by today’s Romance Story Starter.

Your heroine is hiking a substantial mountain. It’s a solitary outing and she’s trying to prove something to herself. She’s up above treeline and a storm rolls in. Now, when you’re in the mountains and a storm comes in, the first thing you need to do is haul your backside down at least to the treeline so you have some protection from the storm, particularly the lightening.

Your hero is also on a personal mission. He’s riding his bike up a mountain. The two wind up taking shelter in the same place.

What happens?

Why is your heroine hiking alone and what is she trying to prove? Why is your hero riding up the mountain? Is he mountain biking or on a road that winds its way to the top?