Happy Occult Day!

Today, November 18th, is Occult Day. You’ll find it listed on calendars with weird holidays. It’ll be right alongside Button Day, Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day, Take a Hike day, and my least favorite…”Have a Bad Day Day.”

At any rate, occult day could be interesting. In the spirit of things you could read a paranormal romance or go have your fortune told. I visited a psychic for the first time a few weeks ago. It was tons of fun and I was wowed by the experience. You can read about it on my personal blog.

As much as I love the occult, today’s story starter takes a different tone.

Kiss cam

Kiss cam (Photo credit: S_K_S)

I’m heading to a Broncos Football game today, it’s an early Christmas present from my beloved, and I started thinking about the “kiss cam.” It’s when the cameras find a couple in the audience, highlight them on the jumbo screen, and make them kiss. Often there’s a heart around them on the big screen. Awww…cute, right?

Well what if you’re the camera operator, called into work because a co-worker is sick, and your monitoring the camera when your boyfriend and his…date end up on the kiss cam?

 Not so cute.

That’s today’s Story Starter. 

What does your video camera wielding heroine do when she spies her boyfriend in the audience and it’s clear he’s on a date with another woman? She puts him on the kiss cam of course and…


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