The door to Mel's Diner. The waitress void was...

The door to Mel’s Diner. The waitress void was filled by the introduction of Alice Hyatt in the first episode. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I can’t eat gluten and am having a pancake craving today.

I did enjoy some delicious gluten free waffles but it’s not quite the same. At any rate it did inspire a story starter for today.

Today’s Romance Story Starter

It’s your heroine’s first day working at a diner during the weekend breakfast rush.

She’s overwhelmed. Everything is moving at a hectic pace.

She spins around with an armload of full plates, bumps into someone, and everything goes flying.

What happens?

Does anyone help her?

Is she fired on the spot?

Do people laugh?

Why is she working at the diner?

My Take…

I envision her spilling a plate of sticky pancakes all over the head of a good looking man. He’s stunned at first and then he laughs. Maybe he has his son or daughter with him. The waitress is so apologetic that she agrees to pay for his dry cleaning. He has to send her the bill and that sets them up for a second meeting.

There are so many ways to take this story starter.

It’s a perfect setup for a romantic comedy, inspirational, or heck it could even be a paranormal/fantasy – maybe your waitress is a fairy who has lost her powers and has to get a real job. Ooh, or a romantic suspense is a possibility too. Maybe your pancake covered hero is a spy and your heroine is his target. She has information he needs.

Have fun writing and enjoy your Sunday!


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