Spring Break (film)

Spring Break (film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


I hope you’re enjoying the first weekend of spring! My kiddos are on spring break and it’s going to be interesting….

Last year we took off for a week trip to NY and DC. This year we’re staying home, but taking a few days to get out and about.

When I was a kid my mom had a thing for movies about spring break.

I think we saw them all from Where the Boys are and Girl Happy (yay Elvis) to Shag and ugh, Spring Break – yep the awful one released in 1983.

In honor of the worst spring break movie I’ve ever seen, Spring Break,

this week’s story starter is a quote from the movie:

Start your story with, ” We got el shafto grande, we got no place to stay. ”

Have fun with it and enjoy your spring break!



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