So folks of you who know me know that I live in the foothills of Colorado. Presently, we’re in the midst of a spectacular flood. We’ve gotten our annual rainfall in two short days. So while we can say goodbye to drought, many people are also saying goodbye to their homes, belongings, livelihood, and a few have had to say goodbye to loved ones. My daughter actually lost an acquaintance in the flood.

As the people in Lyons are rescued out of their peril by the wonderful men and women of the National Guard, romance story ideas are running rampant in my imagination.

First, if you care to help the people of Colorado, visit The Red Cross –

Second, enjoy this romance story starter…


file5741283195087Your heroine is trapped. She made her way across raging flood waters to help an elderly person who lives by themselves. Now they’re both trapped.

Who comes to help them?

What happens?

I imagine that a handsome neighbor comes to help and they get trapped. Maybe the hero is a National Guardsman that gets stuck with them as well. Maybe your heroine is trying to find the elderly neighbor and she is rescued by the National Guardsman and they have to take refuge.

So much potential.

Take care and happy writing!