Chili con carne (recipe)

Chili con carne (recipe) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It’s foggy outside here today. Foggy and cold. Snow would be wonderful but the white fluffy stuff seems to elude us here in the foothills of Colorado.

In fact, it’s been unseasonably warm, hence the fog.

It makes it a perfect day for eating chili.

The best chili I’ve ever had/made is called Dragon’s Breath Chili. It’s a Guy Fieri recipe, you can find it here –

Your Heroine has A Better Chili Recipe – Today’s Romance Story Starter

Your heroine has a recipe that she believes is the best chili recipe in the world. She gets into a chili cook-off with the best chili makers in the world. The competition is fierce. What happens?
How does she get into the contest in the first place? Who does she meet?

Enjoy the day and happy writing!




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