file000362125988Facebook is an interesting thing. This morning, while perusing the morning posts on Facebook, I saw the face of an old friend. I clicked on her profile page and quickly remembered why we weren’t really friends anymore. It made me smile to think about the path I took away from that life and toward the life I’m living now. And it inspired today’s story starter.

Your heroine is reading something, it could be an old newspaper or it could be Facebook depending on the time and setting. She sees the face of an old friend and begins to reflect on her past with that person.

What’s the story? What past does she remember? How does it make her feel and what action does it inspire?

For any scene you want to consider how thought motivates action. So in this scene for example, she might read about and old girlfriend getting married. Your heroine remembers fun times with this friend and decides to head back home to reconnect.

This doesn’t have to be a contemporary romance. It could be a mystery, suspense, paranormal – let your imagination have fun with it. Maybe your heroine did something awful. Maybe she broke up a wedding, left her fiance at the alter, or maybe she killed someone. Maybe she’s reading an obituary and realizes she has to set the record straight about events int he past.

The next step in this story starter is to decide how your heroine’s actions incite a plot – for example, if your heroine heads home to reconnect who else does she meet when she’s there and what happens?