Your heroine has made a deal. In exchange for getting her heart’s desire she has to live in the body of a stranger for one year. She does get to choose the stranger. She chooses a woman who looks well put together and about the same age. The woman dresses nicely, looks like she has a good job, and seems generally happy. As it would happen, the life your heroine is now living, is that of a lesbian in the midst of a hot new romance. 

So, what is your heroine’s desire? What did she exchange this year for? 

What is her perception of the life that she’s now living/observing? What is her experience? How does it help her grow as a person? 

What happens when she’s back in her own body/life and how does it shape her path forward? Is her heart’s desire still the same or has it changed? 

This has the potential to be a fun, hot, and deep storyline. Have fun with it and make it your own!