Do your family, friends, and housemates leave you alone when you’re writing, or do they seem to interrupt you every five minutes with a want, need, or question?

For many writers the latter is more common which makes it damnĀ  darn difficult to get anything accomplished.

After a bit of back and forth with Patti Stafford in a recent post on the creative process (you can read the post and comments here) I started searching for a hat that might signal to the family that I’m writing and to leave me alone. I found one:

It’s simple, and unlike Patti’s Santa hat, (which she wore to signal to her children that she was writing,) it isn’t fun or funky, but it also won’t confuse my kids. LOL!

What do you think? Do you wear or do anything to let others know that you’re busy confabbing with your muse?