Because this is a blog about the process of creating and growing a romance writing career, I thought it fit to share a romance writing challenge I’m currently struggling with.

To date, I have about six manuscripts under my belt.  I’ve submitted exactly three of them to various agents and publishers – and not very wholeheartedly.

Presently, in the midst of editing and polishing a new piece I was struck by motivation/inspiration to work on another fiction project.  And it struck me that I’ve made a habit of moving onto a new project whilst in the middle of an old one.

I’ve become a chronic plotter – enjoying the process of creating but not sticking to it and polishing it so it’s worthy of submission.  I’ve allowed myself to be a writer without really being a writer.

I posted my dilemma on PassionateInk’s forum looking for insight and advice and one very brave, and insightful, fellow writer pointed out that maybe my chasing the next story is really a way to avoid my fear.

Fear of success

Fear of rejection

Fear of letting go of the story

At first I thought, “well that isn’t very helpful” but I’m a quick one and realized just a few minutes later that maybe she’s onto something. Maybe I am avoiding truly completing the manuscripts because I am afraid.  It’s food for thought at least and something to meditate on.

I’ve purchased a journal to hold myself accountable with my writing (I’m pretty disciplined but like the idea of actually tracking my progress).

As I work my way through this romance writing challenge I’ll let you know what I discover.

And if you’ve struggled with anything like this or have insight, please share!