The day has finally arrived!


Deadly Chaos, Book One in the Spirit Savers Series, is available

on Amazon, [ ] Smashwords  [ ], Barnes and Noble

and more.


One Gigantic Grin


I’m excited, nervous, and a whole bunch of other emotions rolled

into one gigantic grin. They say emotions are contagious. I hope

  1. However, I suspect we all need to be in the same room to share

enthusiasm and while I can’t be there with you, I can share my new

book with you.


For the next week you can download Deadly Chaos at Smashwords [ ] for half off the

cover price. It includes a few teaser chapters to Deadly Intent –

Book Two in the Spirit Savers Series, which is scheduled to be

released October 31st 2012 – Halloween!


If you love ghosts, romance, spunky heroines and strong sexy men

check out Deadly Chaos.


Trouble, death, and mayhem are attracted to her like water to the

shore. When a stalker becomes deadly, Chaos defends herself,

leaving another body in her wake.


But this body won’t go away. He’s stalking her in death too. To get

rid of her ghost, Chaos employs Dakota Santiago and the Spirit

Savers, a ghost hunting group devoted to helping lost spirits find

their way.


Dakota Santiago knows she’s coming. He’s been warned in his dreams.

Yet nothing in his past prepares him for the trouble Chaos brings.

She tests his patience, his faith, and his abilities. He may have

to pull out all the stops and risk everything to save a woman

called Chaos.


Here’s the 50% off coupon code again – RW97G [ ]


Happy Reading & Writing!




P.S. Check out my good friend Sandra S. Kern’s new novel, Her

Master Defender, also available on Amazon [ ] and Smashwords [ ]


Sent home to recuperate from a mission gone bad, the last thing

Major Dos Masters needs is to be responsible for the safety of

someone else. When the massage therapist across from his brother’s

security office starts to walk into a vandalized office, he doesn’t

have a choice. Protect and serve is his life, even if the Army

discharges him.


Copper Kerrigan has no interest in a relationship with a military

man. Watching her mother miss her father all the time taught her

that. So why does the one person who comes to her aid have to be a

wounded Army man? Why can’t she ignore the haunted shadows in his

eyes? How is she going to protect her heart from the first man who

agrees with her no military relationship rule, when he’s the only

man she trusts?