Okay, so tomorrow is August 1st and if you’re joining me on my 500 words a day goal then you’ll have about 75,000 words, and a complete romance novel, by the end of the year.

To help keep things rolling and to be 100% transparent about this goal, because while 500 words isn’t a lot, creating the habit to write every day IS going to be challenging, I promised my subscribers – and you too – that I would post my progress along the way. So here’s what I’ve done since last Thursday:

Plotted the entire story on notebook paper. I still need to type it up so that I don’t lose it.



Researched a few key topics related to the story and printed it out.


Created an organization system to store my research.


And… tracked my success with a fun, albeit childish, system. Yep, those are stickers. I get one each day that I meet my daily writing goals.


Next week I’ll be able to actually post word counts rather than photos of what I’ve done. But I haven’t started writing yet, I’m still nailing down the story – I’m a plotter. Word count goals and tracking begins on Thursday.

If you have a system to track your word count goals and success, I’d love to hear about it.