Fear permeates our daily life. Very few people live without fear. I’m not talking about the fear that there’s a boogeyman under your basement stairs. I’m talking about the fear that you won’t achieve your goals – or the fear that you will.

I’m talking about the fear of not measuring up to other people’s standards, or worse…to your own. The fear of failure, the fear of success, the fear of being reviewed, criticized, applauded, and all of the expectations that surround every goal and dream that you have for yourself. It can be overwhelming. Debilitating. Fear can, if you let it, stop you from moving forward.

So how do you put those completely normal fears aside and continue to make progress toward your goals? How do you take that first step despite the fact that you’re quaking in your boots?

Every Single Day is a New Day

We make a big deal out of New Year’s Day and resolutions. I fully embrace the concept of the day. I LOVE a blank slate. However, here’s the thing that’s important to remember as you go forward. Today is a blank slate. Tomorrow will be too. Each day is an opportunity to make progress. If you messed up yesterday. Okay. So what? Today is a new day. This awareness gives you room to breathe a little – to relax a bit.

What Can You Do Right Now?

Instead of looking at the looming end goal which may be a completed book, an agent, a published book and so on, look at what you can do today. Focus only on today. Don’t worry about tomorrow or Dec 31st 2015. You have today. You have right now. What can you do to take positive steps toward your goal?

Ultimately it all boils down to once concept – embrace the moment.

Seize the day. Carpe diem and all that comes with it. It sounds trite, I know. However it’s also empowering and in the moment there is no fear. Right now, as you take one small and positive step toward your goal – there is no fear.