Submitting your romance manuscript to agents and editors can be quite a humbling and well…terrifying experience.  You submit your hard earned work and then wait

and wait

and wait

and wait some more.

In my experience there are two types of manuscript receivers.

One group says thank you, we’ll let you know.

The other group says, “Thank you, we’ll let you know by_________”

Personally, I’m a bit type A and REALLY like to know when to expect an answer by. That way I can plan my submission process.

Many agents and editors don’t like it if you’ve submitted to multiple agents and editors. They like to be the only once reviewing your manuscript and it’s perfectly understandable.

Whether you follow that request is completely up to you. I tend to play it by ear depending on the situation.

So once you’ve submitted your manuscript to an agent or an editor what do you do?

As I see it the choices are:

  • Wait
  • Work on your next manuscript and wait
  • Continue the submission process and wait
  • Pat yourself on the back for submitting, celebrate your chutzpah and wait or
  • A combination of all of the above

I like the last option!

So what do you do after you submit your manuscript to an agent or an editor?