Writing is a creative endeavor, no doubt.

However, it also takes a fair amount of planning to not only create a novel but also to create a career.

Yesterday I met with a good friend and critique partner and that’s exactly what we did – we planned.

Here are a few things to consider when planning your career.

Your Website

  • Is your website/blog up and running?
  • Are you updating it regularly?
  • Does it match your persona and genre?

Your Personal Slush Pile

  • What are you doing with all those old, yet to be published manuscripts?
  • Do you have a plan for submitting them to publishers?
  • Have you considered self publishing?

Your Writing Schedule

Unless you’re already a full time fiction writer then chances are you have to find time to write. The summer is just around the corner. Your schedule is likely changing a bit and there are more daylight hours. When are you going to write?

What are you going to accomplish this summer?


How are you going to hold yourself accountable to your goals?

My friend, Sandra, and I came up with a schedule that really has me excited. We’re emailing each other twice a week to share what we’ve accomplished. We’re touching base monthly to meet in person. And because we’re both tied to the school schedule we’re creating a list of the top ten publishers to submit to and a submission plan. Then, once school is out we’re spending one day a month submitting to our desired publishers.

It’s great to have a friend to help you stay accountable to yoru writing goals but not everyone has that. You can, however, create your own accountabiltiy goals and rewards. Keep a journal. Chart your progress. Create goals like wordcount goals or manuscript submission goals and hold yourself to them.

So…what’s your plan? Don’t let the summer go by without accomplishing something toward your romance writing career.