As we make our way into 2017 and think about the year behind us and what we want for the future, I’m hearing a lot of people focusing on kindness, positivity, and action.

There seems to be, as there often is this time of year, a lot of personal reflection.

Reflection is great if it teaches you how to move forward positively and productively. Reflection is destructive if you beat yourself up about what you did wrong and get stuck in that mindset.

Reflect On Your Inner Voice

Consider pausing for a moment and think about what you tell yourself about your writing efforts, aspirations, and skills. Is it positive or negative? Do you lift yourself up or beat yourself up?

Maybe it’s a little bit of both.

What if you could use your self reflection to help you take your romance writing career to the next level in 2017?

Reflection and repeatable daily habits…a powerful combination

For me, the only thing that consistently works are daily repeatable habits. That means that my repeatable habits have to be super easy. There’s no way I’m going to be able to sit down at the computer and write 5000 fiction words every morning before coffee. But I can write 250.

And I actually use a creativity planner to help me check off my daily goals. (You can read my review of this planner here).

Of course, habits only work if they support you to grow from where you are at right now in your writing career and mindset. And that takes us back to self reflection.

So, let’s get back to how you talk to yourself about your writing. If it’s positive, congratulations! Keep it up and share your secrets to success in the comments section. If you find that you tend to be a bit harsh when you talk to yourself, then it’s time to turn that around.

Through simple daily habits, you can become your biggest romance writing supporter – and don’t you deserve that?

You should be your biggest fan and supporter. You should believe without a doubt that you are making daily progress on your romance writing dreams and goals. You should believe that you are a good writer and that every day you’re improving your skills. Your writing voice is getting stronger and your mastery is increasing.

I realize that may mean baby steps for you. That perhaps your biggest first challenge is actually being able to say, “I’m a romance writer.”

Reflect on where you are right now in your romance writing mindset. Don’t necessarily take a look at your biggest goal or challenge, pull back a bit and look at what is getting in your way.

For example, if submitting your manuscript to agents and editors just isn’t happening even though you want to submit, then reflect on what is getting in your way. Is it self doubt, time, an organization system, fear of failure or success? Maybe you still believe that writing romance is a hobby and you’re not taking it seriously.

Only you know the answer and it may take some time and self reflection to dig it out.

Once you know what’s holding you back…what do you do next? How do you move past it?

My best advice, and it is advice that I personally follow, is to find an affirmation (yes, an affirmation) that makes you smile, fills your heart with joy and motivation, and resonates with you. It may be an affirmation that has already been created or it may be an affirmation that you create yourself based on your current challenges and needs.

I’ve gathered a collection of posts on affirmations for you to take a look at. And, my go to place for affirmations when I’m looking for inspiration is often Louise Hay, Her affirmations aren’t writing specific; however, they cover myriad topics and you may find that they give you what you need.

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Finally, if you’re interested, you can grab a copy of 365 Romance Writing Affirmations – Power Statements to Boost Confidence, Creativity, & Courage on Amazon – now available in paperback.


Happy New Year and happy writing!