I don’t know about you but quite often I find that I just don’t have the energy to write. Sometimes I feel like I need a nap. Other times the brain fog is so heavy that finding the right words is like trying to get my dog to wear booties – not gonna happen.


My husband is good about making me try new things. Sometimes it ticks me off but that’s another story. A few months ago we bought a Vitamix. It’s this super power blender. He started throwing all sorts of things into it and drinking them.


They looked pretty gross.


I was wrong.


Do you have a blender? Any old blender will do.


If you do, then you have what you need to ensure you have the energy and mental clarity you need to write today.


Green drinks are a new approach to improving nutrition. I’m not talking about juicing. That is time consuming, messy, and it is a bit too restrictive.


No, I’m talking about grabbing a handful of your favorite fruits and veggies, tossing them in a blender, and drinking them.


I know is sounds gross. I thought so too the first time my hubby made me try a sip of his green drink. There’s something a bit disconcerting about drinking a beverage that resembles bug guts.


But it was really tasty. I drank the rest of it and I felt great because I knew I was closer to getting enough fruits and veggies for the day.


And the good part of it is that you can embrace your own creativity. You can try one of the recipes below or alter them or create your own.


A word of warning!!!


Don’t drink more than one of these a day and if you have IBS or IBD then start small. Drink a juice glass full the first day, not a beer pint glass.


Gradually increase how much you can drink each day or try one every other day in place of a meal or snack. You can add protein powder to most recipes to create a meal replacement smoothie.


Breakfast, or a morning snack, is a great way to get into the habit. Experiment with various recipes. Once you become practiced, you’ll be able to create your own delicious recipes. Here are some easy recipes to get you started.


  1. Green Morning Pick-Me-Up


For two servings, put into your blender:

-1/2 a ripe pear

-1/2 an apple

-1 small bunch of kale (you can also use spinach)

-1 small cucumber

A handful of ice cubes

½ cup Coconut water or water


  1. Citrus Cooler


The pineapple in this gives it a refreshing, sweet flavor.

-1 orange

-1/2 grapefruit

-1 slice fresh pineapple

A handful of ice cubes

½ cup Coconut milk


  1. Green Vegetable Smoothie


-1 small cucumber

-1 small bunch spinach

-1 stalk celery

-1 small apple or pear

A handful of ice cubes

½ cup Coconut water or water


  1. Red Vegetable Smoothie


-1 medium tomato

-3-4 leaves of green cabbage

-1 stalk celery

-1 garlic clove

-1 slice of onion, about 1/4-inch thick

-1 small handful of fresh parsley

A handful of ice cubes

½ cup Coconut water or water



After blending the above, add sea salt or cayenne pepper to taste. A squeeze of lemon juice can enhance this, too.


  1. Melon Smoothie


For one serving, put the following into your blender:

-1 slice ripe cantaloupe

-1 slice ripe honeydew melon

-1 slice watermelon

Add lemon juice to taste if you like.

A handful of ice cubes

½ cup Coconut water or water


Once you begin drinking these healthy smoothies you may never go back. You’ll find that it gives you energy. Your digestive system will improve and you may even sleep better at night. It’s also a wonderful way to lose weight and boost your overall health and well being.


And, bottom line here…you’ll be able to write more because you have more energy and your mental clarity increases. Try adding it to your lifestyle today and let me know how your health and energy improve.