So you want to make a living writing romance?  Can’t blame you for that one!  Imagine sitting in your favorite location in your home and weaving stories that not only entertain people and allow them to escape for a few hours each day but also making a good living at the same time.  People write for different reasons. Some write to cleanse their soul, some write simply because they like to, some dabble with writing because they want to express themselves and hey, if they write a book and sell it then great. 


You are different.  You want to write romance novels and you want to get paid lots of money to do it. 


Good for you!


In order to make that happen there is one thing you MUST have.  Ready?




You must have passion for romance novels. Not the kind of passion we talk about when we talk about our relationships – that’s for your romance novel characters!  The kind of passion you need is the passion to write romance. 


Why Do You Need Passion?


  • Passion will motivate you to write every day!  This is imperative if you’re going to complete a novel and build the kind of body of work publishers and agents are looking for.
  • Passion will keep you motivated and energized even when you don’t get the news you want from your critique partners, publisher and agents.   It happens – every single published author suffered a few rejections for their work.  When you’re passionate about romance writing you’re going to learn from these moments and not let them discourage you.
  • Passion for romance writing will inspire you to learn all you can about the romance writing industry and the craft of romance writing.


I can tell you right now, if you’re not passionate about romance writing, meaning you’re not energetic and excited about publishing, and profiting from, your first romance novel then romance writing isn’t for you.  Maybe you’re cut out for another genre or maybe writing isn’t really what you want to do. 


However, when you feel passion for romance writing the sky is the limit!

What’s The Next Step?


The next step is for you to dive right in and learn all you can about the romance writing industry and the craft of romance writing.  The best and richest romance writers educated themselves and continue to stay on top of romance writing tips and trends. 


You’ll also want to develop a system.  I’d be willing to bet good money that every single multi published author has a system.  Maybe they write from nine to midnight each day or maybe they’re like Nora Roberts who is said to have a single philosophy, “Butt in chair,” the point is they all have a system and you’ll need one too. Not just a time to write and a romance writing process but also a system of organizing your story and thoughts and then seeing them through. 


I have systems I teach and recommend, and of course use myself, and they can work for you too. 


Are You Ready to Make a Living Writing Romance?


If the answer is yes, then you’ll find everything you need to know right here…


Make a Living Writing Romance – Writing Courses 


Romance Guidelines


Romance Publishing


Romance Writing Exercises




Your daydreams could be worth a small fortune.  Thanks to a booming $1.52 billion romance market — and a ravenous audience — publishers are now willing to pay $7,000 … $24,000 … 50,000 … even for first-time writers!  Even if you’ve never written a word of fiction? 


If you’re intrigued by the opportunity this market offers, take a few minutes to learn the secrets of this exciting and romantic way to “live the writer’s life.”