After many years of writing romance novels and publishing I’ve learned one thing, it pays to have a system. That doesn’t mean if you’re a pantster (meaning you write your books by the seat of your pants rather than an outline) you must change your habits. What it does mean is that worksheets/blueprints are your single best resource to make sure you’re on track to achieving your romance publishing goals.

Here are just a few of the romance blueprints you must have on hand for romance writing success:

  • Writer’s Reading Form – Use this form to track the plots, format, point of view and other critical elements in your favorite romance novels.  This practice will help you fine tune your skills and recognize what it takes to become a bestselling romance writer.

  • Romance Dreams and Goals Blueprint – This is a list of questions to help guide you to the romance writing career designed specifically for you.  Answer the questions and then post this worksheet above your desk. Each day when you sit down, you’ll be inspired and motivated to take action to achieve your romance writing dreams and goals.

  • Romance Writing Schedule – Much like the above worksheet, this is a blueprint you design to fit your schedule and goals.  Three key steps and a bit of planning and commitment and you can have a complete novel in less than six months.

  • Plot Prompter – The plot prompter blueprint guides you to turn your amazing story ideas into a bestselling romance novel by asking all the questions you need to know. Use it to plan your novel in advance or use it as a checklist to make sure you’ve covered your bases before you submit to an agent or publisher.

  • Character Planner – Characters can make or break your novel. Use the character planner to help you round out your characters, brainstorm and make sure you’ve covered all the bases your readers want to know before you submit your novel to agents or publishers.

  • Synopsis Blueprint – Writing a compelling synopsis may be one of the most difficult aspects of being a successful romance writer.  This handy blueprint walks you though it step-by-step leaves you with a perfect synopsis!  Use it over and over again for publishing success.

  • Publisher/Agent Submission Tracking Worksheet – This worksheet helps you track what each publisher requires, who to contact, how they like to be contacted.  It’s an amazing resource to make sure you stay on track and understand everything you need to do to get published.

  • Query Letter Checklist – Not sure if your query cuts the mustard?  Use this handy checklist each time you submit to an agent or publisher to make sure you’re on track, ready to impress, and sure to grab their attention.

  • Manuscript Contest Evaluation Form – Entering contests is a fantastic way to grab the attention of publishers and agents.  If you choose to enter contests, use this checklist to make sure you’re submitting your best work.

  • Business Crisis Plan – This may sound strange but when you quit your day job and are making a living writing romance, you’re self employed and with that comes risk.  In order to be prepared for this risk and potential problems, like getting sick, it is smart to have a crisis plan.  Use this worksheet to plan and prepare – stay on the road to financial success and living your dream career.

Where Can You Find All Of These Blueprints And Worksheets?

I’m sure there are sources online, you can search, make sure they’re good, download them, print them and keep them in a binder.  You can also grab them all, written by published authors, in the Writing for Love & Money How to Become a Successful Romance Writer.

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