I love peanut M&Ms. And there’s nothing more enjoyable than popping a few of them while I write.

While I’m eating them, everything is great. The words flow and I consume volumes of sugar mindlessly.

Nevermind the calories, which are huge, there’s a bigger reason I’ve stopped my M&M habit.

The crash!

Once those candies are gone a not so mysterious thing happens. My blood sugar plummets. I mean an “I can’t keep my eyes open” kind of sugar crash.

The words cease. I can’t even think a complete sentence let alone write one. The sugar kills my creativity.

It was enough of a crash to give me one of those “ah ha” moments. I eliminated sugar from my diet and my energy soared.

So I know this is going to be an unpopular request but just consider it.

Consider quitting sugar for a week, or two. Pay attention to how your body changes. Pay attention to how your creativity is affected. You might find that your taste buds change. That you no longer need or crave sugar. And that those Peanut M&Ms don’t taste nearly as good as they once did.

And for more information on all the harm that sugar is doing to your body visit Dr Oz’s website. He has tons of information on how bad this simply substance is and how you can go on a sugar detox – http://www.doctoroz.com/challenge/sugar-detox.