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A romance novel or story is anything that revolves around matters of the heart, relationships and the like. Perhaps some of the greatest novels in the history may or may not be a true story. Most of these written are fiction and perceived by the author’s imagination. The main purpose of writing such a story is to communicate all the happenings between the two people mentioned before they experience their unconditional love and unswerving emotion towards each other.


The act or rather the feeling of love is very dramatic. Writing and relaying a fictional story that focuses on the difficulties of the main characters is what an author or writer has to attain with excellence. These are usually related in such a way that it depicts all the wonderful and beautiful things about love, as well as imparts important lessons about life. Love has to be conquered and can sometimes be elusive.


There are some love stories that have a typical sad climax and happy conclusion while there are some that have a happy climax and a sad ending. Though the stories differ in endings in terms of emotions and conflicts, they are still love stories just the same. As in other literary scopes, these involve numerous sub genres. All the different angles will clearly be seen when exploring love’s wonderful literature. Love is difficult to manage in real life and can sometimes be so unpredictable.


It is hoped that these fictional stories will mirror the real life events so that the readers may get some pointers on what to do in such instances. It also hopes that the story will spread so that more and more people will be inspired to love.


The first thing that a writer has to ensure is that the story must be enjoyable and exciting. The story must have a certain twist in order for readers to become interested and excited. The best way to find out whether the romance novel or story is good is to ask from people who have read it.


A well-written novel keeps the readers turning the pages for more, hardly able to put the book down. It keeps them engrossed, makes the time pass quickly, and keeps them guessing for twists until the end. The plot is very compelling and makes you think about the story for a few days after finishing it.


Common Elements to Consider When Writing a Romance Novel


The most common element is the attraction or relationship from the two main characters. It is not always the usual setting where the “boy meets girl” and falls deeply in love with one another. Use your imagination. Think of ways on how to make your story unique. Attraction is the main key. After that, make sure that there are many obstacles on the way. As a result, the common element would be that the boy loses the girl. Another common element is the between fighting all the obstacles and conquering all. The fight may be lost in some parts of the book but there must be a chapter or two that focuses on fighting back. In the end, love must win and conquer all.


Romance Genres


One is historical romance. The story is set in the olden days and revolves around the relationships of kings, queens, pharaohs and other ancient characters.


The category romance genre is commonly a short romance. You can read this kind of book if you have the time. It is easy to read with many interesting sub-plots.


Futuristic or time travel genre works on the present to the past or vice versa and encounters a lot of obstacles along the way. Another type is contemporary romance. Most readers are able to relate to this more because it deals with their present world.


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Make a Living Writing Romance – Writing Courses 

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