I suffer from a strange combination of naivete and arrogance – the result means I rarely think, “I can’t do _____.” or “I’m too old to ____.” It never crosses my mind that I cannot do anything I set my mind to.

Or that age would ever play a factor in my success or failure. Of course I often learn later that I have neither the skills nor the experience to accomplish my goals first time through. This has led to some painful lessons.

It’s come my attention that many women suffer from the “I”m to old to publish” syndrome.

I have news for all of you beautiful women – you’re a better writer than your younger counterparts.  Why?

  • You have more experience.
  • You have matured to a point where you can see outside of yourself and embrace your characters fully.
  • You have had the time to develop and confidently embrace your voice.
  • And you know that success takes determination, passion and hard work and you have that to share in spades!

Don’t believe me?

Read this fun article in the Daily Mail – http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1389272/The-Blue-Rinse-Bodice-Rippers-In-twin-sets-pearls-meet-ladies-Britains-steamiest-novels.html


Photo courtesy of Metin Armağan and Stock Exchange – http://www.sxc.hu/