Oh boy! Your heroine, or hero, has to hire a bodyguard. Why? Who is trying to kill him and why? 

It’s the holiday season and your protagonist has to lay low and stay out of sight. So they are cooped up during the holiday season with their new (and super hot) bodyguard.

Who is your bodyguard and what is their story? Are they working begrudgingly during the holidays or really glad to have a distraction (especially such an attractive one?)

With the two of them stuck together over the holidays and danger looming, it’s inevitable that they spend a few hot and heavy nights together.

What happens? 

Have fun with this hot holiday romance! It could be romantic suspense with an emphasis on the sexual attraction/interactions between these two or a contemporary romance, or a straight up erotic romance. You get to decide! 



Personally, I’ve always had a tough time with sex scenes. It doesn’t matter if they are fade to black or straight up erotic, I tend to feel like my scenes feel forced. It’s tough to show not tell when writing a sex scene but they can be such an important part of the story! I came across this wonderful book that not only gives you tons of different words for various aspects of sex including body parts (admittedly my inner 12 year old came out when reading this book and I giggled a bit with some of the euphemisms.) The words support inspiration (which I am all about!) and there’s good content about writing sex scenes. If you need a little, or a lot, of help with writing sex scenes, check out Naughty Words for Nice Writers by Cara Bristol