Sometimes it Helps to Switch it Up


Sometimes reading a writing prompt and trying to answer the “what

if” question just doesn’t ignite that wonderful spark – the spark

that inspires a story.


That doesn’t mean your muse is asleep or on vacation. It just means

that it’s time to try another tactic. Meditation [

] is one way to find inspiration. A Visual Story Starter is another

great way to tickle your muse.


Visual Tools Can Be Particularly Effective.


Have you ever watched a movie or television program and had an

inspiring story idea? Have you ever been out people watching and

suddenly had a scene come alive in your head?


I’ve collected 52 images – some of them are a little racy. Each

image is designed to inspire a quick thought, scenario, character

or even a plot concept. Grab the free PDF here



Using Visual Story Starters


These Visual Story Starters are designed to help you call your muse

when he/she seems to be quiet. They’re blank slates. No questions,

no set-ups, and no ideas or scenes from me.


They’re just pictures. Use them to ask “What if…”


What if the man/woman in the picture is..?


Build your story concept from the 52 images available in the free

downloadable PDF. Then, once you think you have a good concept,

turn that brilliant idea into a fully realized novel. []


Happy Writing!