Are you a big New Year’s Resolution type of person? I’m not. I believe when I am inspired to change, improve or grow that there’s no time like the present. I’m a woman of action:-D

If you know me then you also know that I have a tendency to make declarations. Like “I’m going to start running again.” Or “I’m going to start my own business.” Some of those declarations turn into reality. Some don’t.

At any rate it dawned on me that it’s June 1st and while that has no real calendar significance as far as life change or resolutions, it is the month of my birthday and  it really feels like the first day of summer. (I know we still have 3 weeks until that day. I’m just saying it FEELS like summer.)

Here Comes the Fun Part!

So…I thought it was the perfect time to lay down a challenge – at least for myself. You certainly can come up with your own challenge or join me.

My challenge is going to be to write finish the summer having written an average of 1000 words a day. The end of the summer being August 31st. So that’s 90 days and wow – 90,000 words. Whew! That’s a big challenge – gulp.

What do you say? Are you with me? If so, it’s important to create a few guidelines, escape clauses, (just kidding), and understandings:

1 – The keyword is ‘average.’ I said average of 1000 words a day. The reason I say this is because there are just days when, let’s be honest, not a single word of fiction is written – like today.  And there are days, like I’m hoping Saturday will be, when you get a ton accomplished on your manuscript.

2 – Finishing early. If your WIP is finished before the end of the summer then; a – congratulations, and b – revise, revise, revise. You get extra credit for finishing. Try to have it completely polished by the end of the summer. (Then we can create a fall publication challenge!)

3 – Keeping track. You’ll actually track and record your progress. This is important! Otherwise how will you know if you’ve achieved your goal? Chances are, if you’re like many writers, you’ll write and delete pages before the end of the summer. Surely you want to count those words!

Okay, so that’s the challenge. Are you up for it?


I declare that I am!