A big burst of steam into a clear blue skyEach romance writer has their own comfort level when it comes to writing sex scenes.

The goal of this week’s exercise isn’t to turn you into an erotica writer but rather to help you add some sizzle to your sex scenes – to be more descriptive and to have your description really enhance the story.

The old “he put his hand on her ___ and she moaned” line just doesn’t pull the reader into the story.

You have to show not tell, right?


So let’s start showing.

This exercise could take some time depending on where your thoughts are right now. If you’re feeling a bit naughty then you might be able to whip through this exercise. If you’re still thinking about what to have for dinner then save it for later this evening – after a glass of wine and a bubble bath.

Time – 10-60 minutes.

Think of skin and write ten textures that come to mind.

Think of five metaphors/similes/idioms that describe a kiss.

Think of five metaphors/similes/idioms that describe a touch.

(Write them down to use later)

Here are a few fun websites to help you get the ball rolling:

165 Sex Euphemisms – http://amog.com/lifestyle/sex-euphemisms/

Sex-lexis, Dictionary of sexual terms and expressions – http://www.sex-lexis.com/