First person perspective is often one of the easiest and often most compelling viewpoints to write from. It can be tricky for some. If you’re new to first person or are having trouble with it, use this fantastic exercise to help you move through the process.


10-60 minutes

Write a “diary excerpt” from a character of your choice – if you’re currently working on a romance manusript then choose either your heroine or hero and write a diary excerpt for them. Choose a scene or plot element you’re having trouble with.

For example, if you’re struggling with the scene where the hero realizes he’s in love with the heroine – have him write a journal or diary entry to express his feelings.

If your heroine is struggling to overcome an internal conflict, for example she has been burned by love recently and just doesn’t want to go there. You can journal her thought process as it relates to the conflict.

What this exercise provides:

  1. Internal dialogue for you to use in your manuscript
  2. Help understanding your character and their motivations

Have fun!