Okay, so I promised I’d publish my romance writing word counts on Wednesday.

Truth is, yesterday was busy from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed and I barely had time to squeeze in 500 words, let alone draft a decent blog post.

So I’m a day late but I did learn a valuable lesson this week.


Thursday Day 1 -00 (I completely forgot to write. Went on an 8 mile mountain hike with my hubby and it kicked my butt.)

Friday Day 2 – 512

Saturday Day 3 – 588

Sunday Day 4 – 492

Monday Day 5 – 524

Tuesday Day 6 – 501

Wednesday Day 7 – 572

As you can see, the word count is a little light this week. One day I completely forgot to write and most days I barely made the 500 word count mark. The struggle has been that the days are busier this week and my writing ends up happening at the end of the day when I’m tired and my imagination is sleeping already. The two days that were the most successful, 588 and 572, were days where I wrote earlier in the day. Lesson learned…try to write first thing in the morning that way the box can be checked off and I won’t forget to write.

Total for the week – 3189.

Running total – 7009

(Note, my daily average word count based on the two weeks is now 500.6 words. Just barely making it but consider the week a success.)

They say it takes a few weeks to make something a habit. I think that I probably have another two or three weeks to go before writing 500 words a day becomes ingrained. How about you, how’s it going?