How did your writing week go?

It’s August 7th so you’ve had 7 days to write and if you’re reaching the 500 words a day goal then perhaps you have a chapter completed. You at least have 3500 words. But what if your writing week didn’t go as planned? Mine started off with a bang and then I hit a bump. Here’s the breakdown:

abacusAugust 1 – 549 words. Happy with the results and once my pen started moving, it flowed freely. I wrote first thing in the morning, well not first thing, I had to drink a pot of coffee first 😀

August 2 – 529 words. Similar experience to the day before. Easy to get the words down on the page. I should mention that thus far, I’ve written long hand so it’s all in a notebook and I am manually counting the words once I hit a stopping point.

August 3 – 764 words. Another good day.

August 4 – 796 words. Great ideas are beginning to come to me throughout the day. I’m writing them down in the same notebook I’m using to write the book and I’m beginning to experience the benefit of writing every day. Your characters and story line are fresh and it’s easy to pick up where you left off.

August 5 – 212 words. Oops… I wasn’t feeling well today. Stressed. Had a final exam to take, a large client project to finish and I just didn’t feel like doing anything. This is what the “real world” is like and perhaps the past few days have been an anomaly. Maybe this “challenging” day is more like what I’m going to face in the future. Trying to figure out what I can do differently the next time a day like this surfaces.

August 6 – 770.  Today was a bit of a struggle to get started and I kept getting distracted by nothing but my thoughts. I took my notebook to the patio, put in some earphones, and tried to get the words down during my lunch. It worked. I’m happy with the way the story is going and this process seems to be an effective one for training me to write fiction every day.

Today is August 7th and I’m about 200 words into my 500 for the day. This is the first day that I’ve had to break up my writing sessions but it’s a busy day. Kids to run around, client projects to work on, and errands to run. You know how it is. I’m confident that I’ll get those remaining 300 words in somehow.

Grand Total = 3820 including the 200 I’ve written today. 

So, how has your writing week turned out? I’d love to hear how you’re making it happen, challenges you’re facing, and anything you’re learning about yourself and the writing process.

Happy writing!