Welcome to the Make A Living Writing Romance Blog!  Thank you very much for visiting.

Make a Living Writing Romance is devoted to helping the aspiring romance writer do more than put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, when the occasional mood strikes.  The goal is to help you take regular and consistent action to help you fulfill your dream of becoming a romance writer.

And not just any old romance writer, but one who is published time and time again. A romance writer with name recognition and books on the shelves in the bookstore, on Amazon.com and heck why not the grocery store too!

The goal is to actually make a living writing romance.

How Is The Blog Different From the Website?

To be blunt, the blog is more personal. I’m a writer and I’ve made many mistakes. The blog exposes those mistakes (so you don’t have to make them) and takes you on my path toward success.

Speaking Of Success…

We each have a different definition of success, right? For some people it’s fame, for others it is fortune.  For still others it’s simply the ability to make a living doing what they love.

I invite you to sit down right now and write down what your definition of success is as it relates to romance writing. If you’re successful, what does it look like? Use this as a vision/writing exercise. Write a few pages about your day as a successful romance writer.

What does your life look like?  Be as descriptive as possible and enjoy the process.  Once you’ve finished writing your vision and definition of success, fold up the papers and tuck them away somewhere. Forget about them but keep in the back of your memory what your romance writing goals are.

Happy Writing!