fea1933a486633c5_640_jetMomentum is defined as the strength or force that allows something to continue or to grow stronger or faster as time passes. (merriam-webster). Momentum works both as a physical process and also personally.

For example, there’s a simple concept that many coaches recommend that essentiallly tells you to force momentum. You might write one word today, two words tomorrow, three words the next day and so on. You’re creating momentum by writing more and more each day. it adds up and before you know it you’re writing hundreds of words each day and your romance manuscript is actually nearing completion.

The scientific theory of momentum can work similarly in your own life and to help you reach goals. The same facts which can lift a jet plane off the ground can lift you out of a stagnant life and put you in a world where positive things happen and you reach the success you desire.

It Makes It Harder to Stop

How many times have you started a writing project only to find that eventually it’s collecting virutal dust on your computer?

The scientific theory of momentum is Mass x Velocity = Momentum. You’ve probably seen trucks barreling down the highway at rapid speeds – and the results of hitting a slick spot in the road. The faster the truck is speeding, the more difficult it is to slow it down.

It takes powerful brakes to slow that truck after it gathers a certain amount of momentum. It’s the same momentum that gets a jet plane off the ground and the same momentum that gets a train to its destination on time.

As momentum relates to your life – once you gather momentum and keep it going, it’s going to be difficult to stop the forward motion you’ve created. In the beginning many things can throw you off track, but when you’ve worked for a period of time, momentum builds and can propel you on to success.

Momentum can make you successful in many areas of your life – if you have weight to lose, it becomes easier to keep losing weight after you’ve lost a few pounds. Your mind is set, your habits of eating and exercising have improved and you have fewer doubts that you’ll reach the finish line.

In relationships, momentum can work to establish commitment and sharing with others. Relationships are fragile and must be nourished and nurtured consistently to bring about the results you want.

Work related momentum can guide you through the maze of climbing the corporate ladder or beginning a business and making a success of it. No one wants to be stuck in a “going-nowhere” job, and you need to recognize when momentum just isn’t working and make a decision to move forward in another area or career.

And as I’ve already alluded, momentum can help you become a prolific romance writer.  It can help you:

  • Build self-esteem – If your writing and creative self-esteem is low, it’s likely caused by thinking of yourself as a “terrible writer” or a “creative hack.” Gaining momentum in your life causes your self-esteem gauge to move up the scale and you begin to think of yourself as the amazing writer that you are and will continue to be.
  • Momentum boosts motivation – You’ve got to be motivated to do anything – get out of bed or accomplish what you wish from of life. You certainly need motivation to start and finish and submit your romance manuscripts. As you gather momentum in your journey, you’ll be more motivated to go even further.
  • Implements positive habits – Gaining momentum in your life means you’ll need to implement positive and healthy habits to help your body and mind move forward. Negative habits have no place in a forward-moving lifestyle. They don’t help you create the romance writing career that you are dreaming about.
  • Creates confidence in your abilities – As one goal and then another is reached because of the momentum you’re creating in your life, you’ll develop more confidence in your ability to do even more. I’m all about confidence. Momentum can help you push through the normal fears writers face and to feel more confident.

Momentum works both psychologically and physically to help achieve your dreams and desires. A chemical reaction actually occurs in your brain when you’re “fired up” and excited about what you’re doing. This positive reaction spurs you on to work physically and psychologically through all the hurdles ordinarily keeping you from success.

Learn all you can about momentum and how the scientific principle can be used in all areas of your life. Once the wheels start turning, it will be difficult to stop you achieving what you set out to do.

Next time we’ll talk about how to create momentum and delve a bit more in depth on the concpet of creative confidence.


Happy writing!