An author’s website is an extension of you, the published romance author. That has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? Just like traditional businesses are moving onto the Internet to increase their visibility, you can do the same to raise awareness of who you are and what you have written.

After you sign your contract with your publisher, while you wait for the book tour to get rolling and the other exciting stuff, you can work on creating an author’s website. It doesn’t have to be a full on production. Start with a few pages and grow from there as you publish more and your publisher’s promotion gets into full swing. The easiest way to identify your website and be found is to use your name in the domain name.

So, what pages do you include on your romance writer’s website? Here are just a few suggestions. You can add or delete as needed.

  1. Your bio – This is what most people come for. They want to see the real “you.” This is where you can shine your light and toot your horn. You don’t have to be over the top, but modesty can take a backseat here. Talk about where you grew up, your writing aspirations, early writing tales and any other interesting tidbits about yourself.
  2. Your book – That is why you are here isn’t it? You don’t have to give away any plotlines but you can discuss the main plot. For book club groups, you can list some suggested questions about various aspects of the book to make their meetings interesting. Even include an excerpt or two (with publisher’s permission) to whet the appetite for more.
  3. Your schedule – Your publisher and agent will orchestrate a book tour for you to promote your book across the country. One way to make sure that you and your agent are not the only two to show up is to publicize your schedule as much as you can. Create a variety of press releases about your book using your schedule information.
  4. Where you can be contacted – Fans always want to know how to get in touch with you. This is not the place to put your home address unless you don’t mind flashbulbs going off at all hours of the night or people digging through your trash. Give readers your agent’s information as well as that of your publisher. Let them direct any fan mail or other communications to you.
  5. Finding your book – Don’t forget this little tidbit. After you have whipped them into frenzy with your tantalizing excerpts, you want them to find your book and purchase it. Provide links for them to follow or your bookstore signings where books will be available. This includes past titles by you that have been published.

Websites are the windows onto the cyber-world. As an author, a website helps you to promote your romance novel and increase your sales.

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